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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

"Final Analysis"

salam and hai everbody, 

     Today is last our to share information with you all. We be miss your out there. This is our last assigement post for OPen Source. For this enrty we, will compile all topic that we had learn in our clases. Form the first enrty we know that Linux is connected to GNU project.  Learn linux is more intetersting to have distribution like Fedora, Redhat, Ubuntu. and soon on .Many benefis if try to learn about linux.Sometimes, we still not undertstand with the linux interface, but  we try to understand it that make we  more learn it .Importanthing about linux is a about term of FREE. What is free? that we want to mean is that software  is are " Software all people can get free zero price ". Finally we hope in the future, more poeple want to learn about linux. ...Thanks to lectuer, family , friends for supporting us..to make this blog. :)

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